Video: Jesse Ventura on DIA and Cheyenne Mtn “tunnels”

This is an online clip of a show that first aired in 2010. But thought I’d repost anyway. Good stuff.

Crooks, crooks and more crooks

Always nice to see a DIA-related rant that adds something new facts, figures and names to the Files rather than the same old tired baloney that’s been bouncing around the internets for ages. To wit: Here’s a great comment  in response to “Jesse Ventura takes on the DIA conspiracy!” from Puppy at 2:23am on 2011/02/12 […]

Gen. Albert Pike

Albert Pike and DIA underground?

I recently came across a lengthy posting by someone calling themselves Prophetess D titled “Prophetic warning to Christians; Jews about the New World Order.” The essay-like treatise ties elements of multiple conspiracy theories having to do with the New World Order, Naziism, RFID microchipping, the UN, and a general belief that the global elite will […]

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