General weirdness

Mysterious burning smell reported at Denver International Airport

From Denver’s 7News: Denver firefighters were called to the main terminal at Denver International Airport on Tuesday morning to investigate an odor. Someone reported a burning smell on level 6 of the main terminal at 10:48 a.m. Several people said the smell gave them a coughing fit. Airport officials said those people were moved and […]

Re: Underground photos, secrets and audacity

New comments from readers. Regarding “Youtube guy gets his ramble going about DIA conspiracy” comment by “Oy You”: You obviously never heard of the “audacity” used for revealing “secrets in plain site.” That’s what gives them a sense of power over those left out. It’s like two people looking at the same painting, but only […]

Rumored: 1000s of bigwigs enroute to Denver.

A posting on titled “Thousands of NY executives FLYING TO DENVER AIRPORT (ticket sales insider)”: Thousands of NY executives FLYING TO DENVER AIRPORT (ticket sales insider) Pssst… I’m a ticket sales person… that’s all you’ll get from me about me. Thousands of NY, LA, Seattle, DC, and Atlanta business executives are booked for DENVER […]

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