Denver3No other public transport terminal in the world has garnered more intrigue than Denver International Airport. This blog is a running catalog of the conspiracy theories that some associate with the airport.

A diverse litany of Internet theorists link DIA with subjects ranging from aliens, secret Masonic plots, Nazis, ancient indian burial grounds, underground bases, killer haunted sculptures and visionary/scary murals, to name a few.

The DIA Conspiracy Files tracks these theories as they grow and evolve in the online ether. Please send all questions, musings, correspondence, dossiers, facts, photos and links of interest to  info@diaconspiracyfiles.com

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  1. ET1138

    I did a concept album of music based on loosely inspired by Phil Scheider’s testimony. I named the album “Whats below the Denver Airport” So far its only been released online. it might get a proper cd release in 2010.

    Experimental Conspiracy Nintendo Punk.



  2. commendatori


    Really ineresting website.. pics you cannot find anywhere else.

    I wrote an article about how the murals hae to do with the bible prophecies… Maybe you could add it up on your blog :)

    The address is: http://commendatori.wordpress.com/dia-murals/

    Hope you enjoy (and learn)

    May Yeshua bless you all..


  3. monascorner

    … *(-_-)* been this kinda day

  4. hickenlooper

    WHATS YOUR NAME. this isn’t an about page then.

  5. P. Woodstock

    I believe you, email me if you ever need help with anything

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