6 responses to “Video: Best DIA Mural Analysis Yet by conspiracist William Tapley”

  1. josh

    i work out at dia and all the murals he says have been modified or painted over exist in there normal non modified form

  2. Mac

    Josh, that’s because his theories try to fit his limited knowledge into his preconceived notions. Describing a traditional South American ritual as “Catholic” doesn’t even make conspiracy sense. Why wouldn’t you assume that the Christian halo is a bastardization of the Mayan crown since it came first, for example?

    You’ll also notice that each of the races painted includes an animal of their heritage/land/spiritual environment, yet he chooses to view the snow leopard as the American president even though other animals are more prominently displayed.

    Are theorists wrong? I can’t say that, but watch for those who’s basic theories rely exclusively on their own limited environment.

  3. wakemenow

    I’m not understanding this guy’s interpretation of the murals. The art is weird, granted, and IMO inappropriate for display in an airport, but I’m not buying Tapley’s explanations.

  4. joshbot (not the other josh above)

    The first time I visited in 2003 I remember the city wrapped in flames actually being different. I remembered it with the buildings on fire and having a NY skyline. I didn’t take a photo but that’s how I remember it. Today this is not the case.

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