70 responses to “Secret Alex Christopher photos from beneath Denver International Airport”

  1. tylerw

    This sounds a bit like a dream I once had. OR WAS IT REALLY A DREAM?! omg.

    1. Victoria

      In the Bible it says that GOD will give his prophets dreams of what is to come. I to had a dream of the hill of Dulce, New Mexico & then approx. 4 or 5 months later I find out about the Underground Base in Dulce, New Mexico. GOD did this to us on purpose to warn us, because we are his children & he loves us.

  2. diaconspiracyfiles

    dreams are windows, as they say.

  3. Robert Benitez

    Hi, Bless You In JESUS CHRIST
    There is a prophecy in the Scriptures Word of GOD that it states that (Revelation 6:15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, (16) and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall o us and hide us from the face of HIM who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! (17) For the great day of His wrath has come, and who isable to stand?”

    1. Vox7

      I thought to mention to all_ the idea is simple,… make a bunker that can house most of the population _ set the stage for a reason to get most of the population to go into the bunker_ then Gas them all to death. replicate this nation or even world wide _ UN-FEMMA- TSA Legislation regulations..etc _ then once the marked for slaughter are in the hold commence the slaughter. You would not even have to bury them,.. Jus t seal it up and they are food for devils_

      I would not go there, and recommend that no one should. these are evil fallen children of the Devil that wish to assist the pale horse (presented in pale blue) to achieve the goal of the NWO

      Jeremiah 49:16 The terror you inspire and the pride of your heart have deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rocks, who occupy the heights of the hill. Though you build your nest as high as the eagle’s, from there I will bring you down,” declares the LORD.

      Amos 9:2Though they dig down to the depths of the grave, from there my hand will take them. Though they climb up to the heavens, from there I will bring them down

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  5. James

    I’m not a skeptic when it comes to the DIA underground and all the crazy sh*t that goes on in and around this place, and I do believe there are deeper levels than what an average baggage handler can access, believe me I’ve tried. But a fact to the fifth paragraph I believe about the heat, I’ve worked the bagroom and yeah it gets hot but if you touch one of the running conveyers, almost anywhere the heat is agressive and there’s no real ventilation so when the air coolage breaksdown all the heat is the only thing circulating. And all these photos are just of the baggage vehicle service roads. I see these everyday so just don’t think that they are part of the lower levels. If there is an underground base here conducting secret experiments with plans of a one government domination, 1) they aren’t going to tell us 2) they aren’t going to show or give us any sign of military activity and 3) If I know our goverment they won’t allow civilians down there snapping photos…



    1. zeth

      Your all fucking retards

      1. Andrew

        It’s not “your retards”, it’s “YOU’RE retards”. Good thing YOU are so smart and dropped by to straighten everyone out.

        From the Grammar Cop

        1. bernie Carter

          Thank you, Grammar Cop. I couldn’t agree more with you. I love your name, I hope I see your posts again. lol. Good Job.

    2. Denvertraveler


      If I offered you a bridge in Brooklyn would you buy it? Do you believe everything you read? Wouldn’t there be more cases of kidnappings and missing children if this drivel was true? As a resident of the Denver/Boulder area who flies out of DIA at least once or twice a month for business, I’m surprised you would believe this crap. A non-deceived person.

      1. babygrl12

        uhh they breed the children duh

      2. Brandon

        Hi ass, HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED AT THE WALL AS YOU ENTER A WALMART IN CO? There are hundreds of missing persons papers there, all over the state, never the same ones either. and more appear everyday, yet you rarely hear about it on the news


        you’re blind..

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  8. scarletletterman

    ANYBODY have any idea why an underground tunnel from D.I.A would go to Riverton Wyoming?Riverton is a very obscure town,full of masons and mormons and uranium mines also located on an indian reservation.

    1. Wycked

      Sounds to me you answered your own question.The Masons built DIA… Look at the Cap Stone in it …. One WORLD Airport under the Mason Symbol …

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  10. shifty

    as a former airport employee i can tell you, there is definitely *something* going on down there. no actual idea if it’s all as sinister as some of the theories, but a few things so kind of stand out as a bit strange… for instance, yes, the underground is very hot (80 degrees f+) there are miles and miles of tunnels, and out on the eastern side of the taxi ways there are fenced off buildings and towers. benign? perhaps. but in order to get your security clearance, you are given a test, and part of that is “challenging” people who don’t have badges in restricted areas… except for the people wearing “special” badges and security (not TSA or HSS) who wear the black uniforms. also, if you do get a job there don’t even joke about any of this stuff, or they will suspend you “pending investigation” and fire you outright… for no reason. i cite personal experience on that last part.

    1. irish

      Dito…there are more levels then claimed. I’ve seen it with my own eye’s.

  11. zenitram

    there is clearly too much information pointing towards the fact that this facility exists. in what context? we dont know, but this is no longer a conspiracy but ratter a reality with limited information.

  12. zenitram

    there is clearly too much information pointing towards the fact that this facility exists. in what context? we dont know, but this is no longer a conspiracy but rather a reality with limited information.

  13. Brandon

    whatever they are doing you would think they are monitoring these pages, so that said I DEMAND TO SPEAK WITH THE HIGHEST OR I WILL DIG UNTIL I KNOW YOUR PLANS and we will revolt

  14. Albert Pike and DIA underground? « The DIA Conspiracy Files

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  15. denver airport tunnels | wossaa wrestling london ontario canada

    […] Secret Alex Christopher photos from beneath Denver International … Oct 30, 2009… is a picture of one of the long four sided concrete tunnels at the Denver International Airport … […]

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    […] this 2008 video. The seeds for the theories were planted way back in the early 1990s by people like Alex Christopher, Phil Schnider and, later on, David Icke. By the time the film students behind Candlelight Pictures […]

  17. Johnny Appleseed

    Hey I’m in the majority and we believe this is a conspiracy theory. Hey I’m in the majority and we believe the goverment is on our side. Hey I’m in the majority and we think circumcision is normal. Hey I’m in the majority and we know everything.

  18. sisi

    Thousand of children, it says how come this goverment allows that. I know is reproted that there 30,000.00 poeple lost or dissapears every year in the United State 30k that is a lot. Poor children and if this underground bases operation are for human prison for human experiments someone should get involved and try to find out what is going on.

  19. sisi

    This information is been given several times by different sources and people needs to wake-up. Too many evidence already and ther is a big cover-up cause the goverment think people are stupid, the cattles, the missing children the alledges suicidal for Ufologist researches, the crops drawings, the abductees experiences…Why is so hard to believe that this is happening and is all true. Scary and unbelieavable true.

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  21. Ben

    Aliens that eat children?! Are you serious? If you people are THAT gullible to believe crap like this, then you really need to wake up. The O.P. provides no evidence to back up his claim, and can’t even write with proper grammar. Some of the claims made on this site are quite thought-provoking, but this doesn’t even come close.

    The official story is that all of this underground construction was for a state-of-the-art automated baggage system; one of the largest and most elaborate of it’s kind. However, there was a lot of mis-management during the construction of the airport, and the baggage system was a complete failure. Thus, the equipment now sits unused.

    If you examine the pictures in this post, they line up well with the official description of what lies underground – much more so than a wild conspiracy about cannibalistic aliens.

    1. Naim

      I agree with the pictures thing. There’s literally not a single thing in them that looks out of place, aside of them all being scarily dark.

    2. Axel

      how can you explain the 2 hidden runways?

  22. Dirk Sorensby

    I know what they’re doing.

    1. lolly pop

      the people freedom fight for your right you know in your heart there tryin to take us down true fight for your rights

  23. Jb

    If these pictures had not intentionally been darkened, maybe you’d notice they look like A FUCKING NORMAL AIRPORT. So I’m not sure why thy are here. Why are they here?

  24. Penny

    There are actually a network of tunnels that are below the baggage, train, maintenance tunnels. My husband worked there and has been in them. They are not large and he describes them of more like crawl space although you can stand upright. They are dirt floor so no, there are not an additional 8 levels as this article suggests!! Not large enough for vehicles and such. He assumes they are for exhaust as there are large fans blowing. The pictures shown here are simply of the under-floor working areas of the airport. I too, have been in the underground area prior to the opening of the airport and what you show is certainly nothing secret and my husband worked in all of these areas for a couple years….get a grip.

    1. Penny

      More specifically; my husband worked there for five years during the construction. There is nothing unusual going on at DIA. Just too many people with wild imaginations.

  25. Brie

    Aliens that secrete ooze and chew children?
    This is EXACTLY why the world has no respect for Americans anymore! You people look like a bunch of redneck gullible losers!
    This site is ridiculous. It could have been somewhat newsworthy had it not attempted to baffle us with stories of alien predators who munch on the flesh of our offspring. The very idea that any of you believe this just confirms that people are still completely stupid.

  26. Agent X

    you had me up until the part with the reptilian/gray alien hybrid nonsense… the reptilian conspiracy theory has already been debunked. move on to something relevent please

    1. q

      You just need to scratch ur ass and get back to work. If you want to meet an alien, just make sure you take a case of depends with you.

  27. g15zixam

    lol at this website, all the pictures were from the construction for the underground baggage system. Its basically a conveyor system that ran underground to each concourse right up to each aircrafts gate. Theres an underground gym where workers go to workout. Theres nothing crazy at DIA. I worked in operations at DIA, I had access to every door and area on site, there is no secret bunker. Funny how the article doesnt mention the electrical facility ( which runs 12 stories down ).

  28. q

    You do not know what the issue is about. It is about whether you can see beyond the length of your nose. If you can not see what is right before you, then it does not concern you. Go watch real stuff on the T.V.

    1. dude c'mon

      No, the issue is that believing in things with a complete lack of evidence is developmentally challenging. It’s an excuse to avoid the real world and the bad/good that you should actually be dealing with, and allows sad people to get off on panic.

  29. anon

    Can someone please give a logical explanation as to why the barbed wire fence is facing inward to keep people IN instead of OUT?? Surely somewhere along he way someone would have noticed they were doing it wrong! Besides that with all the money spent on ridiculous shit I’m sure they could have spared some to correct this “mistake”. Seem they didn’t need up on the fence surrounding the rental cars! That one is facing out.

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  31. frank stallone

    This guy is nothing special. I killed 4 large grey aliens last night after I broke into their nest opening a beverage cooler at the 7-11.

  32. Evan

    They’re going to try to wipe out most of the population of the world (As I’ve been told). Remember Hitler guys? Mass extermination will be involved in those chambers. Maybe not with gas or aliens (Which I don’t really believe). But if you saw the door that a dump truck can fit through, you can only imagine how many bodies will be aboard and pushed through. Just be prepared..I hope I’m crazy..You never know.

    1. webman6

      Yes, you are crazy. There is no secret (or otherwise) underground base beneath Denver International Airport. There is no system of tunnels running across the country, with maglev trains in them. There are no aliens at area 51. There is no such thing as The New World Order. There is no bigfoot. For Christ’s sake, get a freakin clue!

      1. YouKnowForSure

        webman6 you say there is no this and no that, Id like to know what makes you so sure? Is it because you were raised to believe that the pathetic country of america can do you know wrong? Or is it because aliens are only believed to be true by crazies? Is it your closed mind telling you you’re right? You say “for christ’s sake” does that imply you believe in Jesus, god, the bible and all that hocus pocus bullshit? A story book that has inspired millions upon millions of believers over just a book? No real hard physical evidence to support the claims in the book yet it has to be true! Do research on the whistleblowers with everything to loose including their lives by coming forward and admitting the things the do. Tell me why these people would be lying to us with so much to loose and nothing to personally gain? And why do so many go missing or die mysteriously after a time of publicly speaking about, Aliens or the NWO or any other conspiracy that they are trying to blow open? For you to just say no this doesnt exist, and that isnt true, makes you sound like a naive jack ass to anyone with a brain. You are exactly the type of person a ruler would want to control. Closed minded and wel,, your prob a part of a sheep flock.

  33. Jim

    haven’t things been getting strange lately, today 07/16/14 it has been as quiet here in Baltimore for a while now. I notice there are police cars traveling without sigrine on but lights on top blue/red partcially lit looking almost like dog ears. the cops are new to. And has anyone noticed a sertain flashing light. vary fast you must be vary calm patient and certainly a fast observer. you can be fooled to think its a light from a tower but its not. I hope someone throws a stick in the spoke of the bike this person is leading us to end up. we are not going to have it easy to explain to anyone without having someone believe in us ,,thier do you remember those believe signs posted i think back around the early 90’s at the fire houses., STRANGE–Baltimore is wierd,, we have had mexicans come into our town ,take away the work from all that I know and my friends lost all the way around. these are people who lived here thier entire life then the 911 miss hap ???? those DC and New York along with those Phili people moved herre to So. Baltimore and ruined it all we have no control over our meaningless lives now, What are we going to do? I think protecting annonamous is benifical to us and that edward snowden is a hoax, his name just so happenes to be that of a popular area in Columbia Md. known to house an under grownd complex benieth a baseball field near Snowden River Prkwy. The empty buildings are electronic equipment facilities holding equipment to transfer information to a main source. this is high level shit man.

  34. Kanye

    President Bush hates black people.

  35. Nenanelly

    If we all were more educated you all would know that the freemasons are not evil on any way, like most people believe, and if this such tunnel actually belongs to the masons is not for any horrific purpose, humanity is so scared of the unknown that maybe we are the blame for not having the truth revealed to us, we won’t know how to handle it.
    As it is we don’t know 2 sh.about it and we all raise an opinion,I’m not a Mason but my parents were and I can assure you that they were the most e spiritual people I ever met, but w a higher degree, unfortunately I was to young when they died that I wasn’t given a chance to be part of it, is un explicable but evil is not on any way.

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  41. Dan

    Hi there,

    This is for the skeptics…

    I’m not from USA, I don’t even live over there, I’m from South America (the bloody 3rd world. The term Third World arose during the Cold War. FYI)… but recently I’ve been doing my own research, I’m pursuing the true… building my own concept about what is real and what is not.

    For instance, how come Bob Lazar (I’m guessing that you know who is this guy) claimed to have worked in Area 51, “S4”? and in 1989 he talked about element 115 (nobody knew anything about this element) which was the key of the UFO’s propulsion system, according to him. People made fun of Lazar because of what he said… but guess what? In 2003 according to a group of american scientists element 115 was first discovered… Surprise! Lazar was telling the truth 14 years ago.

    Your mind may want to go into denial that this is happening but if you start digging you will find this is 100% true.

    How do you explain that in 1989 in Westchester, New York which was the site of numerous UFO overflights and reports of human abductions at that time. Over three thousand missing children reports surfaced. And that is just a tiny sample of the missing children all over the world. But it is very weird that most of the children missing are reported from those countries that “supposedly” have underground secret bases.

    Your american fellows are killed when they speak out loud with the truth. Phil Schneider, Geologist and Engineer -killed-, James Casbolt, ex mi6 agent -killed-, Thomas Castello, security worker at the Dulce facility -killed-… and so f*cking on

    Come on guys! Your bloody government is hiding something since who knows when… maybe since 1933… or perhaps since 1954 when Eisenhower was president.

    Do your own investigation and you will be amazed…

    Sorry for the mistakes if there is any… I’m from Caracas, Venezuela and my native language is spanish.

    It’s time to wake up people!

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  43. Natasha

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  45. MeToo

    Hey……..drugs are bad, m’kay.

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  48. Wendy

    1 in 2 children will have autism by 2025 if the vaccine poison schedule continues… who will take care of them?
    population control in the working.

  49. Fałszywa apokalipsa: Symbolika lotniska w Denver (część 1) | Loża bez tajemnic

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  50. Critical Commentary on David Icke - Gloom, Doom & Infinite Love? - unSpirituality.com

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  51. Maximus

    I was a construction manager at DIA from 1990 to 1994 when it was completed.
    I worked for PCL Const when the excavation took place for the concourses, the underground baggage and passenger tunnels and the terminal.
    I never saw anything constructed that that was unusual or not part of the project plans.
    If there does exist a connection to a outside underground tunnel system it would be easiest to do at the end of the passenger tunnels beyond concourse C where the design included knock out walls.
    The deepest structures are the office administration buildings.
    I was in charge of retrofitting the ccooling towers in 2001 and security would not allow any travel to check out these areas.

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