Re: bashing on the DIA conspiracy YouTube video

Re: bashing on the DIA conspiracy YouTube video

“Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory a hoax!” so says Anonymous in a posting on the conspiracy site His main beef is with the popular video “Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary,” which has managed to rack up an astonishing 1.4 million views on YouTube since it was posted in 2008. Here’s what the critic says:

Denver New World Airport Commission promo video

One of the biggest search terms that brings viewers to this site is “New World Airport Commission,” which is the name of a group embedded on a masonic capstone in the main terminal of the Denver International Airport. Well I gained access to the VHS tape of a promotional video the Commission produced in 1993. […]

DIA conspiracy goes international! (VIDEOS)

Anyone speak German? Even if you don’t, you may enjoy these new YouTube videos by that hit all the major points of the DIA Conspiracy theories, only with text written German and with crazy dramatic music. “Unheimliche Orte” translates to “creepy places. I also found this pretty slick German documentary about DIA and Curtis […]

Close Encounters alien landing coordinates lead to DIA!

Wow. That’s all. Follow discussion about this at Above Top Secret.

VIDEO: “Beneath the Surface of the Denver Airport”

This video by DeadTreeTV is a good, comprehensive run-down of the history of the DIA Conspiracy. Odd though how it uses stock photo art rather than images of the real DIA murals. They must be paranoid about the copyright conspiracy.

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