Tanguma Murals

Blogger Muses on Purported Denver Airport NWO Genocide “Scenarios”

Came across this March 1 posting by a blogger IDed only as “Masatone”.  It follows the well-tread theory that seeks to connect DIA with the New World Order and an impending apocalypse/genocide. Masatone brainstorms various scenarios. The first involves reptiloid aliens, aka “Lower Entities” — creatures that some claim are linked with the global elite […]

Young Obama vs. The DIA Apocalypse Murals.

Photo of the Month: Young Obama at the DIA conspiracy murals?

Pulled this off the interwebs. I just love the fact that someone took the time to Photoshop the young Obama in front of the Tanguma murals. (BTW the real photo in question was snapped when young Barack was in college in the 80’s. The murals were painted on-site by Leo Tanguma in the early 90’s.)

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