"Reptilian Airways -- Denver Airport Snake."

Reptilians take shape in the “Denver Airport Snake”

According to Dragonlance27 of the UK, the Reptilians “leave their symbols everywhere,” even deep inside the Denver International Airport. Not only are the runways shaped like a swastika, but the terminal and Pena Blvd are shaped like a snake body and head. Behold the “Denver Airport Snake.” From his MySpace page: Who Are They and […]

They fly among us.

DIA and the reptiloid Draconians

Nearly every theory swirling around the DIA Conspiracy holds to the idea that a massive underground military base is secretly hidden beneath Denver’s airport.  But is the facility a HQ for the New World Order, as some posit, or is it a hideout for a an ancient race of half-human, half-reptile shape-shifters known alternatively as […]

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