Photo of the Month: Young Obama at the DIA conspiracy murals?

Young Obama vs. The DIA Apocalypse Murals.

Pulled this off the interwebs. I just love the fact that someone took the time to Photoshop the young Obama in front of the Tanguma murals. (BTW the real photo in question was snapped when young Barack was in college in the 80’s. The murals were painted on-site by Leo Tanguma in the early 90’s.)

Video: Denver airport, violent video game…a message?

The greatest thing about following the DIA Conspiracy is that every day someone comes up with some apparent new sinister connection. Like in the above video, the poster notes how strange it is that the seemingly random code selected for a notorious Call of Duty clip where armed men slaughter innocent airport goers is the word “Denver.”

Video: Jesse Ventura on DIA and Cheyenne Mtn “tunnels”

This is an online clip of a show that first aired in 2010. But thought I’d repost anyway. Good stuff.

Video: Fox 31 on the DIA conspiracy theories

DIA Conspiracy Theory from Eric Gaylord on Vimeo.

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