If it’s meant to be hidden why make it so obvious?

An article by Chris Burke touches on one of the main contradictions that many conspiracy theorists have arrived at when pondering DIA. The murals, statues and “New World” time capsule are all held up as indicators of something sinister at the airport. But then, if there were indeed something sinister, why would the evil people advertise it so blatantly?

He writes:

The most obscure conspiracy theory is quite possibly the runway designs. The ariel shot resembling a swastika does seem bizarre. If there were underground death chambers hidden, why would one risk revealing it by arranging runways in these patterns?

Indeed. Full text below.

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Video: Anderson Cooper makes fun of William Tapley and DIA phallus conspiracy

First William Tapley went viral and now Anderson Cooper gets in the mix on CNN. But let me point out that this very blog was noticing Mr. Tapley last year.

“Proof that Denver Airport is one of the most evil places on Earth”

This from Annalee Newitz at nerd blog io9.com:

Having recently been stranded in Denver Airport for 24 hours, I can tell you anecdotally that the place is hellish. Exit arrows point at each other instead of outside; corridors lead to nowhere; and security checkpoints seem to disappear mysteriously as you approach them. As you drive into the airport, you’re greeted by a giant horse with glowing red eyes, and one of the terminals is decorated with a massive statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death.

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