More murals by Leo Tanguma

Leo Tanguma is the man behind the two murals in the “Great Hall” terminal at DIA, “The Children of the World Dream of Peace” and “In Peace and Harmony with Nature.” Both the murals are split into two large panels, one set at 12ft x15ft, the other set at 12ft x 28ft, that span entire walls near the baggage claims, creating quite a jarring experience for traveler who don’t expect things like dead children and genocidal military men to be featured in a public airport.

Many of the conspiracy theorists who have posted about DIA have operated with the understanding that Tanguma is a Mayan (hence the 2012 connection) that did these murals were the only thing he painted before going underground. But people living in Denver, particularly in the west side Latino neighborhoods, are quite familiar with Tanguma’s other works. He was born and raised in a small town in Texas before establishing himself as a muralist in Dallas. After his warehouse studio was mysteriously burned down, he moved to Denver and began doing paintings here on churches and community recreation centers.

Too Long in Darkness

Too Long in Darkness

He earned the commission for the murals at DIA in the early 90s while the airport was being built and was helped by art students and people from the community. In 1996, he was visited by Alex Christopher while she was in Denver researching for her book Pandora’s Box II, which features lengthy chapters on DIA and deconstructs Tanguma’s airport murals. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s, however,with the age of the Internet, that public speculation to the murals’ meaning really hit a feavered pitch.  It’s hard to think of a work of contemporary art that has been more analysed and cited by the the various global conspiracy theory movements than the DIA murals. The 9-11 Truth thinkers, anti-mason folk, UFO hunters, 2012 followers, New Age spiritualists, ultra-conservative Christians, Chemtrail people, anarchists, anti-government ideologues, all see the DIA paintings as something of an oracle that must be interpreted to understand future events. Books, documentaries, radio programs and hundreds of Internet sites — all focused on these murals.

Why, then, have Tangumas other paintings largely been ignored by this world? The simple answer: they were never on the Internet. Until recently there was no way to contact Tanguma over the Internet, leading to the misconception that he had “been disappeared” or was some kind of recluse. Actually he was living in Arvada, Colorado, in a nice suburban home with his wife and grown daughter’s family. Late last year, Tanguma launched his own website with dozens of pictures of his full body of work. What will people make of these? Will they find secrets and hidden meaning in his other paintings? Check more of them out after the jump.

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Documentary “2012 The Odyssey” connects DIA to the end of the world


Here’s an interesting clip. It comes from 2012 The Odyssey, a documentary that explores the ancient Mayan calender prophecy that a world-shattering event would occur in the year 2012. The 2007 film by Jay Weidner and Sharron Rose looks at how the Masonic membership of the founding fathers and esoteric monuments  like the Georgia Guidestones show…well, you can watch it yourself.

Starting at about 3:10 into the clip is a good chunk devoted to DIA and how the murals show scenes of the rapidly approaching “end date.” They also interview 2012 expert John Major Jenkins who incidentally lives not far from the airport (in Longmont, I think.)  Watch the full video in 10 clips after the jump.

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DIA to build 500 room luxury hotel next to main terminal

A model of the new hotel to be built at DIA

A model of the new hotel to be built at DIA

Plans were announced last year to build a 14-story, 500-room Westin Hotel at DIA with meeting and conference space, restaurants, a health club, a swimming pool and a parking garage. It was something that DIA’s planners originally envisioned for the airport. But after the economy went bad, the project was downgraded to 250-rooms. Not anymore. The Denver Post reports the full-size hotel has once again been cleared for take-off. What is striking about this project is that the upscale hotel will actually be constructed just southwest of the main terminal with a ground-breaking this fall. Unclear what this means for the Conspiracy.

Assuming the airport is the headquarters for the New World Order, the hotel will be a convenient place for the international elite to travel to and meet to plan global domination. The hotel could also be linked to the underground base via elevators and would serve as an effective cover for people to check in and disappear for long periods.  The 500 rooms will be able to house a good number of the NWO during the apocalypse.

“The Mystery Of The Shattering Windshields”

Articles on a episode in February 2007 during which airplane windshields were mysteriously cracking while sitting on DIA runways or in flight. Later the NTSB attributed it to sand-like debris. Others are not so sure. One airplane expert told ABC news the cracking was “not only unusual, I know of no precedent for anything like this where multiple windshields have been cracked simply by being in a particular place at a particular time.”

“DIA, feds yet to crack windshield mystery,” Denver Post, February 21, 2007:

Safety officials remain mystified why windshields cracked on at least 14 planes at Denver International Airport on Friday.

“We are not discounting anything,” said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer, whose agency is among those investigating the incidents. “We believe it is very remarkable to have this number of events in the same area at the same time.”

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