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Regarding “Youtube guy gets his ramble going about DIA conspiracy” comment by “Oy You”:

You obviously never heard of the “audacity” used for revealing “secrets in plain site.” That’s what gives them a sense of power over those left out. It’s like two people looking at the same painting, but only one of you understands what is behinds the artists’ designs and the secrets that are visible right on it.

Commenter “g15zixam” responds to “Secret Alex Christopher photos from beneath Denver International Airport”:

lol at this website, all the pictures were from the construction for the underground baggage system. Its basically a conveyor system that ran underground to each concourse right up to each aircrafts gate. Theres an underground gym where workers go to workout. Theres nothing crazy at DIA. I worked in operations at DIA, I had access to every door and area on site, there is no secret bunker. Funny how the article doesnt mention the electrical facility (which runs 12 stories down ).


Rumored: 1000s of bigwigs enroute to Denver.

A posting on titled “Thousands of NY executives FLYING TO DENVER AIRPORT (ticket sales insider)”:

Thousands of NY executives FLYING TO DENVER AIRPORT (ticket sales insider)


I’m a ticket sales person… that’s all you’ll get from me about me. Thousands of NY, LA, Seattle, DC, and Atlanta business executives are booked for DENVER AIRPORT for the upcoming holiday.


Something is going down in 2 weeks… something BIG. They’re all going to Denver Airport and not making any plans for hotel stays while there. Creepy, I tell ya…

“DIA is the new Auschwitz”

A blogger at takes a look at DIA’s underground train system and the soon-to-be-completed lightrail expansion that will link the airport to downtown Denver. The blogger’s take: “DIA is the new Auschwitz.”

Next stop Auschwitz…

On the RTD expansion:

I dated a girl that was a paralegal here in Denver. She was working for a attorney’s office here in Denver that is in litigation with RTD and DIA. RTD is what is called the light rail here. It is a train that is extremely efficient and fast. She told me that DIA is planning an extension from downtown Denver to DIA. If there ever is a nuclear, terrorist, or natural disaster threat after this extension is built and FEMA is managing the evacuation, I am not going to DIA. Again, these are just my thoughts.

Read the full post here.

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