“What does this all mean?”


A longwinded Youtube attempt at debunking.

DIA and the reptiloid Draconians

They fly among us.

They fly among us.

Nearly every theory swirling around the DIA Conspiracy holds to the idea that a massive underground military base is secretly hidden beneath Denver’s airport.  But is the facility a HQ for the New World Order, as some posit, or is it a hideout for a an ancient race of half-human, half-reptile shape-shifters known alternatively as reptilians or reptiloids? The debate continues.

But there’s a middle path as well. “The Dulce Book” authored in 1999 by someone only identified as “Branton” is all about how the odd occurrences some report in the area surrounding Dulce, New Mexico (alien abductions, cattle mutilations, strange vibrations) can be attributed to a reptiloid-controlled military base buried deep inside a nearby mountain.

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The pale horse of the Apocalypse


The first of four?

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse;
and his name that sat on him was
Death, and Hell followed with him. And
power was given unto them over the
fourth part of the earth, to kill with
sword, and with hunger, and with
death, and with the beasts of the earth”.

-Revelation 6:7-8

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DIA: New Age Cathedral?

Interesting letter floating around the internets from the Wellington Webb era.

This anonymous writer doesn’t buy the underground city theory, but he does think DIA is a monument built for New Age masons. Or something. Check it:

I’ve done extensive research on DIA, living in Colorado for many years.
One of my good Christian friends is a fireman out there, who has worked
on the site, since before the first shovel of dirt was overturned.
Another fireman filmed many video cassettes of the place, as the
construction was underway.

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