Indian Burial Ground

Haunted Places

DIA on list of international haunted places

In 2000, paranormal researcher Dennis William Hauck put Denver International Airport on his list of eerie spots around the world in his book “The International Directory of Haunted Places.”  By this time, people had long been reporting strange encounters with ghosts and other parnormal activity at Denver’s airport. Here’s what Hauck said: Denver International Airport: This high-tech showplace was a […]

DIA's huge pedestrian bridge.

DIA and ancient Indian burial grounds

Is DIA built on top of ancient Native American graves? Such rumors are certainly part of the airport’s folklore among DIA employees and frequent travelers. This is usually in reference to the pedestrian bridge arching between the main Jeppesen Terminal building  and Concourse A. It is on these moving walkways that visitors will hear the […]

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