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This video was taken over the town of Lafayette, which is roughly 25 miles west of DIA. Interesting how they use the Close Encounters music in this ABCNews spot given the strange association some have made between the movie and the airport.

Close Encounters alien landing coordinates lead to DIA!

Wow. That’s all. Follow discussion about this at Above Top Secret.

VIDEO: “Beneath the Surface of the Denver Airport”

This video by DeadTreeTV is a good, comprehensive run-down of the history of the DIA Conspiracy. Odd though how it uses stock photo art rather than images of the real DIA murals. They must be paranoid about the copyright conspiracy.

Crooks, crooks and more crooks

Always nice to see a DIA-related rant that adds something new facts, figures and names to the Files rather than the same old tired baloney that’s been bouncing around the internets for ages. To wit: Here’s a great comment  in response to “Jesse Ventura takes on the DIA conspiracy!” from Puppy at 2:23am on 2011/02/12 […]

DIA conspiracy photo of the month

DIA conspiracy photo of the month

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