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Video: Denver airport, violent video game…a message? The greatest thing about following the DIA Conspiracy is that every day someone comes up with some apparent new sinister connection. Like in the above video, the poster notes how strange it is that the seemingly random code selected for a notorious Call of Duty clip where armed men slaughter innocent airport goers is […]

Re: bashing on the DIA conspiracy YouTube video

Re: bashing on the DIA conspiracy YouTube video

“Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory a hoax!” so says Anonymous in a posting on the conspiracy site His main beef is with the popular video “Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary,” which has managed to rack up an astonishing 1.4 million views on YouTube since it was posted in 2008. Here’s what the critic says:

DIA, tunnels and Nibiru (Video)

This guy starts talking about DIA around 3:45

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