General weirdness

DIA capstone

Symbols, symbols everywhere…

Glenn of Denver says he has found a plethora of Masonic symbology connecting the DIA conspiracy to other prominent Denver locations: I just moved to Denver area to be near my kids and while property hunting would chk satilite maps on mapquest to give me a sense of the area. I commented to my daughter […]

DIA: New Age Cathedral?

Interesting letter floating around the internets from the Wellington Webb era. This anonymous writer doesn’t buy the underground city theory, but he does think DIA is a monument built for New Age masons. Or something. Check it: I’ve done extensive research on DIA, living in Colorado for many years. One of my good Christian friends […]

"Notre Denver" by Terry Allen

Baggage claim gargoyles and the Freemasons

Two other art pieces that add to the intriuge at DIA are the twin gargoyles sitting in suitcases. Titled “Notre Denver” the cast bronze sculptures by artist Terry Allen are found  areas on the East and West ends of the Great Hall. They sit on top of pedestals, overlooking the the baggage claim areas. From […]

“The Mystery Of The Shattering Windshields”

Articles on a episode in February 2007 during which airplane windshields were mysteriously cracking while sitting on DIA runways or in flight. Later the NTSB attributed it to sand-like debris. Others are not so sure. One airplane expert told ABC news the cracking was “not only unusual, I know of no precedent for anything like […]

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