Re: Underground photos, secrets and audacity

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Regarding “Youtube guy gets his ramble going about DIA conspiracy” comment by “Oy You”:

You obviously never heard of the “audacity” used for revealing “secrets in plain site.” That’s what gives them a sense of power over those left out. It’s like two people looking at the same painting, but only one of you understands what is behinds the artists’ designs and the secrets that are visible right on it.

Commenter “g15zixam” responds to “Secret Alex Christopher photos from beneath Denver International Airport”:

lol at this website, all the pictures were from the construction for the underground baggage system. Its basically a conveyor system that ran underground to each concourse right up to each aircrafts gate. Theres an underground gym where workers go to workout. Theres nothing crazy at DIA. I worked in operations at DIA, I had access to every door and area on site, there is no secret bunker. Funny how the article doesnt mention the electrical facility (which runs 12 stories down ).


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