“DIA is the new Auschwitz”

A blogger at newworldorderdia.wordpress.com takes a look at DIA’s underground train system and the soon-to-be-completed lightrail expansion that will link the airport to downtown Denver. The blogger’s take: “DIA is the new Auschwitz.”

Next stop Auschwitz…

On the RTD expansion:

I dated a girl that was a paralegal here in Denver. She was working for a attorney’s office here in Denver that is in litigation with RTD and DIA. RTD is what is called the light rail here. It is a train that is extremely efficient and fast. She told me that DIA is planning an extension from downtown Denver to DIA. If there ever is a nuclear, terrorist, or natural disaster threat after this extension is built and FEMA is managing the evacuation, I am not going to DIA. Again, these are just my thoughts.

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    EVERY you tube video of the “shocking claims from a contractor who worked at Denver airport” has been removed….why? if it ISN’T THE TRUTH!!

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