2 responses to “Video: 2012 conspiracy theorist makes pilgrimage to Denver Airport”

  1. sir robert hogg

    darn my chamber is so close to the train tunnel all my dish’s shake off the shelves but i am supprised at how fresh the air is down here in free mason city under the airport my chamber will soon connect from the airport to the mountains

  2. violet joy

    Wow this is so amazing and makes too much sense especially when you put together that there has been solar flares before in our history. Eventually something that has happened before will happen again. Put that together with the fall of the banks – they made a profit the year they got their bailouts, and all the underground bunkers being constructed world wide. National Geo interviewed 2 guys collecting money from investors and actually in the process of construction now. They say NASA reported a big reduction in our magnetic field which also makes sense due to our depletion of earth’s resources. Our entire electrical grid will not work which did not mean much the first time, but now our grid is huge. And this could be helped by using solar energy and wind and water energy. We could still turn things around. Sure the wealthy want hiding places. Did you see the video with the huge amount of coffins in the center of nowhere waiting to be filled.

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