Video: “You will bend at your knees and beg for forgiveness”

This recently posted YouTube video is called “End Times Theater: The Church.” Not sure what to make of it exactly. But the description includes a reference to the “Satanic phallic symbols built into the tarmacs” of Denver International Airport, symbols that apparently foretell the coming apocalypse. Perhaps this poster is drawing inspiration from phallus soothsayer William Tapley?

Full text below:

Yea brother, the Apocalypse is at hand! The Beast has unleashed the full fury of the United Nations and turned our fair country into one big credit card on default. I know you may doubt the signs, but mark my words, when you understand the true meaning of the Satanic phallic symbols built into the tarmacs of our prized international airports, especially the Denver International Airport, you will bend at your knees and beg for forgiveness. Use these movies to educate yourselves as to what may happen in the End Times. Rather than seek salvation from the consequences, seek salvation from within, and ask for forgiveness before it is too late. I must add that it is too late, but ask regardless, the Lord may grant some sort of retro-clemency, maybe if you paid Him off, but most definitely cut those soul stealing credit cards in two as they are tracking your payments.

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  1. The Babester

    Here’s one that’ll send prickles up your spine. Type in “Illuminati” spelled backwards, followed by “.com”:

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