Blogger Muses on Purported Denver Airport NWO Genocide “Scenarios”

Came across this March 1 posting by a blogger IDed only as “Masatone”.  It follows the well-tread theory that seeks to connect DIA with the New World Order and an impending apocalypse/genocide. Masatone brainstorms various scenarios. The first involves reptiloid aliens, aka “Lower Entities” — creatures that some claim are linked with the global elite conspirators:

Consider the invested interest that the Lower Entities have in the human race, I highly doubt there will be a genocide of humanity. This propaganda is a deception to create fear and hopelessness and so people will accept the NWO. The lower entities need energy and the human race is a prime source. There is a much deeper diabolical plan of the combined powers of the darkness with the humans they trap into their domination.

Masatone then considers various “deceptive scenarios” for how the conspirators will trick the population into accepting the NWO:

  • A chemical warfare is a possibility, but how would the world unite? Unless they create a scenario of accidents, but a lot of people would catch on—not very deceptive.
  • An earthly catastrophe could unite humanity, and possible the antichrist stepping in as the savior. However, a major amount of people are expecting this scenario to occur.
  • The New World Order taking control by force? Not very likely, there is not much deception behind that idea. I think the powers of the darkness are a little to smart to make their plan that obvious.
  • The prime type of deception would be a war, but with the alien Grays attacking humanity or some other type of ET. Since over 85% of humanity refuses to believe in ET aliens, this scenario would shock the mind and create a panic which handicaps the ability to problem solve. The entire world would unite, especially if the holy sites, and locations of national identity were bombed. And, a war would cause trauma upon many people that can add to the agreement level of the mind…

Or how about the antichrist that some see as depicted in the DIA murals? Artist Leo Tanguma intended the scenes of war to represent the destruction of the past, but many conspiracy theorists interpret it as a foretelling of future events.  Masatone writes that the NWO could fabricate a war and “the antichrist would cause a miracle to save humanity from the aliens; the united world will happily surrender their national and religious positions and accept the New World Order with the surrendering of their weapons of mass destruction.”

After this deception, the blogger concludes, the New World Order with the Antichrist as the leader “will round-up and kill anybody who resists” and subjugate everyone else as “human chipped slave(s).”

Clearly this theory has roots in biblical belief. It concludes that Jesus will then “return to reduce the kingdom of the Darkness (the new world order) into their dark hole of existence. This will accomplish the separation of the Weeds from the Wheat—the light of truth on the right, and the darkness of falsehood and wickedness on the left.”

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  1. Roger H. Werner

    I think a far mroe likely scenario for a New World Order would be through the IMF and adoption of a global currency. International financiers do not have to control government to control the world. In case you missed it they already ready appear to control Europe and they are not far behind with the US. I am not sure how China, Russia, India, or Brazil fit into this situation by but the IMF has amassed incredible power. If you want a scare do a web search on SDRs. Last January, the IMF rolled out SDRs for a replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The IMF may well prove to be the vehicle for a New World Order and if so there won’t be a shot fired. People will not realize what has happened until the fat lady sings and then it will be to late to do much of anything.

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