Re: bashing on the DIA conspiracy YouTube video

“Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory a hoax!” so says Anonymous in a posting on the conspiracy site

His main beef is with the popular video “Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary,” which has managed to rack up an astonishing 1.4 million views on YouTube since it was posted in 2008.

Here’s what the critic says:

The true source of the Denver Airport “conspiracy” is a group of film students at Hong Kong International School. The frightening images, music, and theories play to an audience that already believes in the New World Order conspiracy. As one of the most blatant hoaxes on youtube, I found it especially entertaining. It plays almost like top-notch satire, mildly ruined by school-project delivery of the voice-over.

Anonymous, you are correct that the “documentary” is wildly overblown and definitely misleading since the majority of the images they display (i.e. the alleged underground base tunnels) are random and not related to DIA in any way. But you are flat wrong that these theories surrounding DIA originated from this 2008 video. The seeds for the theories were planted way back in the early 1990s by people like Alex Christopher, Phil Schnieder and, later on, David Icke. By the time the film students behind Candlelight Pictures made their online documentary, they were traveling a well-worn path of  DIA conspiracy theorizing.

Here are the videos in question:

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  1. scarletletterman

    Hmmmm ,Im confused…certain things are not up for debate. The murals are A Fact and they Are mysterious and dark.Soooo?

  2. iLL.Rider MathMaticks

    BREAKING NEWZ D.I.A is also a weather modifier,, check out nanotech420 on you tube,,, its crazy

  3. Corey McRae

    weather modifier xDD Whatever in the world will they think of next?

  4. DIA

    I helped create and hide the truth, as the world could not handle what is really happening

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