DIA- Underwear Interviews

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  1. Puppy

    Those cylindrical chambers into which you step for your Full Body Scan remind me of the Orgasmatron in Woody Allen’s film “Sleeper.”

    That futuristic white pancake house on I-70 around Genesee was used for this film. The people who stayed there, in the film, would periodically excuse themselves to go into the Orgasmatron. Woody steps in, for instance; we see the door slide shut; the cylinder rocks and shakes vigorously; and then Woody stumbles out, his hair touseled and clothes messed up, with a beatific smile on his face. Yup, everything’s automated in the Future.

    I stepped into this contraption and wondered if I was going to be teleported.

    Are these things being installed elsewhere, I wonder? Or is this yet another special thing unique to our scary airport?

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