Close Encounters alien landing coordinates lead to DIA!

Wow. That’s all. Follow discussion about this at Above Top Secret.

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  1. Alison

    This is too weird!!!

    I just heard that big burly Homeland Security thugs are getting on the H light rail line and demanding people show their photo ID’s.

    Nothing like a little warrantless search to get your day going.

  2. Alison

    Actually, I just put those coordinates in, myself, and it comes up east of Ft. Collins–too far north, in other words.

  3. Gary Swing

    That’s not exactly as weird as the series premier of “The Lone Gunmen” foretelling 9/11.

    If aliens *do* land at Denver International Spaceport, I’m sure that Mayor Jeff Peckman will be able to negotiate peace and favorable interplanetary trading arrangements with them.

    In the film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” the aliens land at Devils Tower, Wyoming. The coordinates of Devil’s Tower are N44 35′ 25″, W104 42′ 55″. However, the coordinates shown in the film are N40 36′ 10″, W104′ 44′ 30″. That is not DIA. It is a spot just west of US 85 south of Pierce, Colorado and north of Ault, Colorado. This is south of County Road 86 and north of County Road 84.

    In a truly bizarre coincidence, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was filmed in 1977, the very same year that the movie “One on One” was filmed in Ault, Colorado, starring Robby Benson and Melanie Griffith!

    Ault could very well be the location for a future alien landing. As the town’s own acronym states, Ault is “A Unique Little Town.” Remember, the official theme of Ault’s 2007 Fall Festival was: “It’s Not Your Fault If You’re in Ault.”

    The town of Pierce was named after John Pierce, who was the president of the Union Pacific Railroad at the time the town was founded. Pierce, Colorado was the setting for the opening scene of the 2000 animated science fiction film “Titan A.E.” starring the voice of Matt Damon as the lead character Cale Tucker. The film title refers to a “Project Titan” and an Earth spaceship called Titan. “A.E.” refers to “After Earth.” In the year 3028 AD, the alien race known as the Drej declare war on humanity and destroy the Earth. During the opening scene, the aliens destroy the town of Pierce, Colorado as Matt Damon’s character escapes in a spaceship.

    Hopefully, when the aliens land between Ault and Pierce, Colorado, their intention will be to attend a screening of “One On One” at Ault’s Fall Festival, rather than destroying the Earth.

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  5. Gulshan

    Art is NOT all about warm, cozy feelings . Art is about ALL human eomiton and the entire human condition. The horse is simply art. Think for a moment. It would be RIDICULOUS for a cabal of people involved in some monstrous conspiracy to advertise their conspiracy and point out their plans in some bizarre art/ritual way. Loose lips sinks ships and all that. A TRUE conspiracy would be entirely about doing their DAMNEDEST to keep everything a secret.Occam’s Razor people. Learn it, live it, accept it.

  6. Tonya

    Gary, I have been interested in this topic for years for various reasons and I decided to google if there have been sightings reported in the area of Ault and Pierce. Part of the reason for this search is that my grandmother shared with me before she died about her own sighting of a ufo on their farm in the 1950’s near Ault. Since I know live near her old homstead and at your exact coordinates AND have seen some extremely unexplainable things in the skies around our home, I decides to look online and came across your post.

    Oddly enough, I actually live between the milelines of 84 and 86 just south of Pierce, CO. I couldn’t believe it when you mentioned the coordinates in your post….talk about synchonicity. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Broox Authement

    I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, an hour north of Denver and I have sightings nearly every time I “look” into the sky.

    I have been having regular sightings since I returned from Michigan, starting in January 2011. That was my most significant sighting to date, involving a diamond shaped craft performing figure-8 maneuvres back and forth in the sky at high velocity. It was incredible.

    On Halloween of 2008, I was returning home after playing at a club in northern Indiana–I lived just across the border in south western Michigan. It was the night of the time warp, so we got an extra hour at the bar that night. On my way crossing a bridge that went over an interstate highway, a HUGE craft with the typical amber colored running lights that blocked out a great portion of the sky crept up on me and sped ahead. I was driving 55 miles per hour and this thing was low enough to glimpse from the driver’s seat, and moving pretty fast. My impression of it was that it was “big,” and the other interesting part that is congruent with other UFO reports–no sound! Any conventional aircraft of any magnitude and velocity happens to be quite loud–not sure what to make of that one.

    They’ve made contact. They’ve been here for a long time. Open your consciousness to accept the fact that the universe is home to many species of humanoid and non-humanoid intelligent life forms.

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