Elevator 17 going up…

A posting dating 1/28/11 on a message board:

The last time I flew into the Denver International Airport, they blindfolded me just before we landed. When they took the blindfold off, I was in some sort of an underground tunnel and there were guys wearing black and carrying machine guys. I asked which way to baggage and he said he couldn’t tell me unless I could tell him the code word for the day. I couldn’t do it so I wandered around for almost 12 hours and I missed my connecting flight. Never did find my luggage. I recommend staying as far away from that airport as you can. If it’s any kind of a help, remember Elevator 17. It’s the only one there that goes up.

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  1. Joe

    Been to DIA several times. Many of their elevators go up. You know, since wheel chairs cant go up escalators.

    How does this even get posted on the blog?

  2. Jodadime

    I Live In Denver & Have Been To The DIA 20+ Times & Never Happened to Me & You Just Let A Random Person Blindfold You & Take You To An “Underground Tunnel” & I Bet You Dont Remember Your Way Back… I Agree With “Joe” How Did They Even Let You Post This !!

  3. scarletletterman


  4. chazwogger

    So they never found your underwear bomb? Death to America.

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