2 responses to “Top 10 blog posts in the DIA Conspiracy Files”

  1. Jordan

    i was at DIA the other day and took some pictures and did some research. On one of the paintings, the one where everyone is gathered around the plant, there is a Scottish boy with 3 different family crests on his person. One is the Campbell crest which says, “Ne Obliviscarus” which means “Do Not Forget.” One is the Macdonald crest, which says “Per Mare Per Terras” which means “Over Sea, Over Land”. and the third is the macgregor crest, which says “S Rioghal mo dream” which means “My Race is Royal”. Could these be messages of some sort?

  2. Ciara

    All of you people that think there is a “Conspiracy” at Denver International Airport, you are all freaking mad, my Grandfather who might I add was alive and in Germany during the holocaust and Hitler came to America for freedom of that helped set up t he cranes for the building of DIA. Why on earth would he go along with something like that and want to see something he wishes he’d never seen in the first place. I think this whole thing is a made up lie by people that think everything is a huge conspiracy. come on get real people.. seriously.

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