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Strange weather at DIA

DIA Conspiracy photo of the month

Fox 31 features the DIA conspiracy theory Ahh, sweeps week! That can be the only explanation why a local Denver TV channel would send a reporter out to DIA to allow a few airport reps to “debunk” a Jesse Ventura cable show that aired 11 months ago. [Thanks to Redacted News for the video posts.] Here’s the text from Fox 31’s […]

Adonis King: DIA murals predict “new Holocaust.”

A blogger/radio host named Adonis King recently did this episode on the DIA Conspiracy. Talks about New World Order, Nazism, Operation Paper Clip, political correctness, etc, etc: Divided into four walls, the murals painted by Leo Tanguma are supposed to represent peace, harmony and nature. But I’m not getting these messages at all. When you […]

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