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  1. Lauren

    Hello, George. My name is Lauren. I am just 15, but I am a conspiracy theorist. I have read much on the illuminati, and I have read some things about the DIA conspiracy. I am quite puzzled with your post, you stated that you were taken? And why would aliens want the U.S.A.? I do not believe in the “spill blood” part.. If they were aliens, they have their own planet, why can’t we just help them? What does the government know that we don’t?

    1. Denvertraveler

      Lauren, I hope you have critical thinking skills to filter out the crap you find on the web because there is a lot out there. Please note that claims like this can’t be verified so you should approach them with skepticism. As someone that lives in the Denver area and uses the airport frequency, I am skeptical about the claims made about the airport. No aliens are underground at the airport, no ancient earth races are underground, and it isn’t a conspiracy of the New World Order. George sounds a little crazy, and his understanding of physics may be a bit off. Regardless, I’m glad you are questioning George’s claims because they are pretty wacky.

    2. George Zachystal

      Hello Lauren,
      age 15 means: you reason as adult, yet have no experience. Your father and mother should be the one to give you the necessary answers, just ask.
      I have no right to give you the answer till your parents say yes, but I I have right to write following basically to my self.
      RE: my sanity?
      It is good question. It is from day to day basis judged by love of those which are around.
      In my world no professional will pay crazy subject 100$ for psychic reading and no wealthy house owner/ builder will give away 40 000$ contract to nutty drywall-er.
      Like physical health I guard my mental condition very well. I think my body is God’s temple. We all have limits what load can we can handle, but faith has no limits?
      It is un human to be ashamed for the words: I can’t handle this, or that, get someone else, yes -kiss my butt, or say: no, not today (still to wet ha-ha)
      You see freedom is ability to learn to pronounce the word “NO” loud please,no I can’t hear you say it one more time.
      And apply big YES turn negative to positive via action. Evolution in above animal within human nature is like old self and new self constant learning. Life is like across nothingness bridge with two towers in this world and two at the other side.
      You are creating subconscious path to world you live in. Let that be love, joy and peace.
      Attitude of terror, horror, thinking you are the strongest – well: remember there is always someone up there better, faster then you and 10 times more deadly. That someone can easy take that knife or gun you think will defend you;right from your own hand and use it against you. Well what a shock, but then it is to late. And for question there can be 200 different answers so it takes time, faith and science to know approximate path.And this message is for those who think they are above all. Beware there really are Angels of God they exists and so the Judgment right from the time of birth.
      I stand behind my claims. Let us wait and see.
      My biggest accomplishments RE: predictions:Bush elected 1988
      (Agri – mart Saskatchewan Canada newspaper see the last issue Jan. 1988). For year 2002 prediction of flooding of Central EU, biggest in 1000 years EU history.
      Inventions are my hobby: “Tachyonator” really UFO propulsion maneuvering engine, patent USA 4884465. “Taken”, from alien thoughts when I was 12. Yes this is what you get Mr. Aliens if you mess with kids via abductions.
      Additional advice to you Lauren: Do not submit to the frequency of hatred. Say no to drug dealer offer. Yes to the education.Well, what are you waiting for,finish that movie script, design and make a new dress will make you $. As well take course in acting? Why not it is funny.
      Can the whole society around you go mental? Absolutely yes. Germany 1939.
      Are you the future’s cure? What role you be playing?
      Vaccination – necessary evil or deadly preservative?God within you
      only knows. Read Bible like 3 times and see it as historical psychology psychopathic stuff meaning the Old Testament revenge for revenge now that’s crazy.
      But,how else you will know what is normal? Yes,I do not need to punish my own self via highly negative scenario I have accepted Jesus and this way I have annulled the self created Judgment shocking it is on daily basis.
      Crazy mission of Jesus annulling crazy own self. Results? Normal life within.
      Funny, those educated holy men of Middle East fail to understand this till this day.
      Should we die in 2015 on Israel religious holiday when they begin traditional war “RED MOON”
      leading to nuke war? Are they stupid to what>?

  2. zenitram

    mr zachystal, i have heard of you before (via your psychic reputation) and im quite surprised to have not seen you mentioned here before or perhaps you are and ive missed it but any way my question was have you thought to ever look more into what happened?

    1. George Zachystal

      To zenitram:
      writing response from the Czech Republic, European Union.
      Denver is very dear to me due to my past life in about middle of 1800 somewhere in the South West direction from Denver.
      I remember very well as kids running down the hill towards the rail road as incoming train this Jupiter type locomotive puffing smoke from chimney, dragging all those cute wagons and just about to arrive. We always got so exited as
      kids running near to catch the action and to see who arrived. Life in those days was simple and innocent:”pure soul living”.

      What else is to talk about DIA’, that in 1995 in spring I went to Denver (my soul) to do Psychic Readings.
      I have stayed between Denver and Golden in friend place and on the second week of doing Psychic consultations I got abducted. It happened When I waited for the client that I just passed out. Like all this took place during the bussy day, around 11 am when I got transported in to some kind of laboratory.
      My self, by nature, I was born with this psychic talent – call emphaticism, with above average ESP ratings. What I had felt via psychian senses inside that lab was only the alien presence.
      Those things behind my head were not human at all. Pure alien thoughts, out of this world intelligence in some kind of out of phase reality. I felt their ancient stationed laboratory somewhere in the vicinity north of Denver. Wall were covered with these strange hieroglyphics.
      Not the imitation of the Mayans or Aztecs art, but rather the pure source of same art which these ancient natives were inspired. These aliens seems to know me way back in to previous past lifes details which made me extremely uncomfortable all that bombardment of thoughts of extremely bloody Aztec times.

      One thing is that I have never seen their faces. That someone with the help of needles did in planted me with the visual implants as I become fully conscious during the testing of their equipment.
      After the abduction when I awakened being back home on couch I had all all over my head multiple needle marks red zits, and I would feel like being totally stupid. Anything my thoughts would thing I would just immediately forget at the same
      time. It seems to be that those as if drugs they pumped me with, suppose to make me not to remember. And it was from this time on I begin to study ” Realism”, and whole the science of dimensional physics. I am still doing research till this day, gathering datas.
      In 1996 I did investigated this near Denver mystery for about 6 months. After all this abduction caused me losses of about 5000 dollars. (I like to send bill “amount due”, to those aliens).
      During course of my investigation as psychic professional, I took this astral trip in to distant future and I saw some kind of society which digger up out of the ground the whole Denver International Airport. It was amazing to see the
      excitement on faces of these archaeologists when upon discovery of their first wall painting inside the DIA. They still thinking in future that DIA was burial ground at our time functioning as rail road station. They have this big division
      among them and ridicule anyone claiming that we did space travel and had 747 commercial and personal transport jumbo jets.

      One interesting fact about this future is that human society have build cities up in the sky. I mean they are just floating there while using some kind of anti gravity. I assume we should take their fears of the ancient past in to consideration, that it was Mega tsunamis which wiped out our modern day civilization. We should take appropriate measures to make sure “we people”, will survive this upcoming catastrophe, since during course of the next 100 years it is un

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