8 responses to ““We will monitor all of your movements from this point forward.””

  1. Anthony Horning

    yo Mother F***ers try to find me if you can and see if i will work for ur $h!t

  2. garrett

    yu stupid muther fukers cant find me… this is bull shit.. why would u tell us your coming for us when that gives us time to prepare.. yur a fuking dousche…. and i hope u fuking burn in hell.. FUK U AND FUKK DIA AND ALL THERE SECRETIVE BULL SHIT.. ima blow that fukin shit up.. watch me do so too.. ima man of my word… dias underground is fuking going down

  3. garrett

    hahahahahahaha fukkk you dirty ass niggers i will fukin blow yur face off before u get within 20 ft of me… fukin dirty ass bitches… yur gunna die

  4. J Bacon

    Do you have to be retarded and criminally insane to visit this site? From the comments above… I’m going to guess… yep

  5. so great

    HAHAHAHA i hope there’s really not people out there that believe this. but this. is. AWESOME.

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  7. SlapDuck

    Draconian? Really? How do people find themselves believing any of this is true? Where did this completely absurd idea come from? I would really like to know.

  8. gdaub


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