Youtube guy gets his ramble going about DIA conspiracy


Here a guy talks about the Mustang, murals, the underground base, dead children, Nazis. Thank you, Youtube. Thank. You. So…much. zzzzz.

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  1. Praedor

    Art is NOT all about “warm, cozy feelings”. Art is about ALL human emotion and the entire human condition. The horse is simply art.

    Think for a moment. It would be RIDICULOUS for a “cabal” of people involved in some monstrous conspiracy to advertise their conspiracy and point out their plans in some bizarre art/ritual way. Loose lips sinks ships and all that. A TRUE conspiracy would be entirely about doing their DAMNEDEST to keep everything a secret.

    Occam’s Razor people. Learn it, live it, accept it.

    1. It's called an open secret

      You must be joking? I’m tired of people trying to rationalize all of this crap.

      Bohemian Grove, a place where the wealthy and influential [politicians, big business, etc.] gather every year, is not a secret. What IS secret is what takes place over there. Why all the secrecy if it’s so innocuous? Why’s the list of attendees kept under lock & key?

      You cannot explain away all of the connected symbolism & imagery by saying, well it’s all in the name of art. These Satan worshiping Freemasons are putting out their garbage for all to see, and the REAL PURPOSE behind it is kept hidden from the public. That’s the secret. Capiche? If you want to know more about who the Freemason’s serve, I suggest you read up on the lives of Ed & Lorraine Warren. Their lives are empirical evidence enough that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies. Art my ass.

  2. Oy You

    You obviously never heard of the “audacity” used for revealing “secrets in plain site.” That’s what gives them a sense of power over those left out. It’s like two people looking at the same painting, but only one of you understands what is behinds the artists’ designs and the secrets that are visible right on it.

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