9 responses to “Right-wingers say Denver the center of satanist NWO takeover”

  1. Sunny

    Not “Carter” Stapleton. It’s “Ben” Stapleton.

    Anyway, a housing development and lots of new shops are at Stapleton now–and also the new headquarters of the FBI, which moved there without fanfare in early 2010. It is the most secure building I have ever seen. They won’t even let you go to the bathroom in the main fortress–you have to go back outside to the separate guardhouse, where the metal detector and entry guards are.

  2. aser

    Its WEIRD to accuse Stew Webb of being cointrlpro…without proof


  3. blessedistruth

    Rose Rosetta to Stew Webb

    Re Occupy Kimball Castle


  4. Diana Kate

    Several years ago in 2008 the Lord gave me a vision of Colorado and it was a complete dust bowl with lots of barbed wire like a concentration camp. I did not know what to make of it but I did know of the satanic cults in Maniteu and Boulder. I am also aware of many Christians who are also involved in the occult. I am probably the most politically uninformed person in America so I don’t search for this stuff. This blows me away – its what the Lord showed me in the vision.

  5. Diana

    Okay, I was gonna to delete this but i can’t. I realized if anyone actually believed what I wrote it would scare them. Look satan is no match for the Lord God Almighty. Any Christian who knows who they are in Christ, their sonship rights and walks in the power of the holy spirit will scare the pants off any demon – no NWO can touch them.

    1. Renee

      Diana, you are absolute right about our power over Satan as a Christian, but the problem is that too few Christians realize the power we have. What you have said lines up perfectly with biblical end times. It sounds to me like much of this will take place during the Tribulation, when, by God’s grace, Christians will already be with the Lord.

  6. Justina

    for what its worth, a truck driver now retired, who
    is also a sensitive, told me he got bad vibes when
    he was driving that truck into the DIA, and when I
    asked him where it was coming from or asked if it
    was coming from underground, I forget how I phrased
    it, he said it was coming from underground.

  7. Corey

    we rode through recently, and this is not the John Denver Co I remember from the early 90’s.
    I had a VERY uncomfortable feeling, as we drove through. And all through Kansas, leading up to CO, my cats were freaking out.
    Of course no Denver/Boulder hotels allows cats………..? why
    As we navigated around the city of Denver, Cotton wood and Boulder, there seemed to be a lot of confusion from the humans around me, and the vibe was weird at best. I felt an impending sense of doom, and couldn’t wait to exit the state.
    One guy in North Dakota said “oh everyone’s on drugs there”, that may be true but it was deeper/scarier than that……….

  8. Sam Reynolds

    Why do I believe that DIA is in fact a base? Not just because of all the undeniable facts and clues at the airport and about the airport. But because of Phil Schneider, who witnessed that it is a D.U.M.B., and he used the words…”or space port”. That one is freaky.

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