5 responses to “Reptilian lingust translates meaning of DIA floor markings”

  1. Secret Alex Christopher photos from beneath Denver International Airport « The DIA Conspiracy Files

    […] He also went on to tell me that most of these bases are now jointly occupied by humans and either ancient earth races or alien races. According to him, these underground bases are to serve many different purposes, […]

  2. J Bacon

    Who comes up with this horseshit? Ha ha ha ha fucken retards!

  3. Floor marking

    That was a bit creepy! Where do they get such idea? This is really interesting though. You had me there. Nice one :-)

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  5. Hans Aplast

    DZIT DIT GAII simply means “Move the world”
    And like usual for the sick masonic ideology, this includes eugenics, malgenics (negative attributes for the slaves), mass-murder and destruction of the old. Improvement of mankind by killing everyone who doesn’t fit into their planed future and this time it will be billions.

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