2 responses to “Denver men say their car was searched and pictures stolen near DIA”

  1. Resident

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this land doesn’t belong to DIA, in fact it belongs to Developers. The name of this area is High Point, I am a resident there. It is a large development that will take many years to complete, but has no association with DIA. The developer is called LNR Property. 64th Avenue just a milk or so past dunkirk becomes a non paved road at this point in time. And there are clear no trespassing signs posted, so I would discourage others from heading out there. The developer has a few guys who work out there on a daily basis who notice the tresspassers and escort them off. It happened to me once before. And lots of people go dump their trash on the empty land back there.

    1. Investigator

      if they are only there to “notice the tresspassers and excort them off” then why did they damage the car and steal hard drives? If they were ‘a bad bunch’ with sticky hand…why not take the more valueble items….such as the car itself.

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