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  1. Secret Alex Christopher photos from beneath Denver International Airport « The DIA Conspiracy Files

    […] said the [plans] for the complex were for hundreds of miles of underground roads, all connecting with high-speed bullet trains that can go at “Mach” speeds. He also […]

  2. Medication Relation

    This time a year or two ago id have thought a sarcastic ‘whatever!’ at any of this, but coz of a bad long term medication error. That my Dr covered up & coded me to blacklist patient (so all Drs see im on the list. Thus Join in to discredit any health problems, write lies on your med files etc) ive had to dig deep for documentation to prove my health. my thorough research into pre marketed medicine trials has led me to see that science & medicine is & has always been about the take over of the free thinking everyday person. Not only is it ‘new diseases’ (note that many brain illnesses have suddenly arisen) its easy, for a dr to diagnose a lively kid having a mental disorder &/or the ‘global economy problem’ has given drs an ease to diagnose us all depressed & drug push, who argues? Nobody. Were taught Drs & medicine cure (name 1 med thats cured any disease?) The abductions that detail medicals, seem to be in form of experimenting ur strengths / dna / potential interbreeding? but the connection is there – the government have no control over big Pharma fda (usa) & mhra (uk) are ignoring death brain damage etc- its obvious that human science loving drs are trying to advance

    1. Rick Whitt

      That’s ironic because I talked to my psychologist today about how everyone is on some kind of pill these days. No kidding. Then I told him I’m going to stop taking what he’s giving me, and I told him I’m already off one med he put me on. I wish I would have taken a picture of him when I said that to him. I see him because I had a stroke, I’m not a nut. If I keep taking the meds he wants me to take then I will become a nut. Today was my fifth or sixth visit with him, so hopefully the poison he’s been subscribing me hasn’t done too much damage. The stroke caused enough. I don’t need any more drain bamage.

      1. Rick Whitt


        1. Tess

          I pray for you, my friend is detoxing self off Opiates of 13 yrs for Fibro and Stenosis i think. It horrible, and she has her regular symptoms. I wish you the best

  3. scarletletterman

    Does anybody know why Riverton Wyoming would have an underground base? My family moved to that town many years ago and I can tell you that it is on the middle of an Arapaho Indian reservation and run by mormons and masons also Jesuits on BIA land,but before I began looking into all of this (stubbled across Franklin coverup and instantly woke up,praise Jesus)I know also that ther is a uranium mine called Lucky(lucifer?)M.C. that was built by Kennecot copper that also has connections to NORAD.My family has some strang connections to some of this stuff that I have never been made privy to but Im starting to piece some things together.ANYONE with Riverton Wyoming information?There is some funky twinpeaksy stuff going on in that dark town.

    1. joshua anonymous

      i live in riverton wyoming .. plz respond.

      1. N2

        Things exist and have for years in Riverton Area, but you must know where to look. Things you could only imagine. I have been there a few times but it is very dangerous. be careful what you seek!

        1. Dc

          Where does one look if they seek the odd things you speak of?

  4. Elite actively practicing bug-out scenario in event of collapse

    […] This map, simply titled “Tubes” shows Denver International Airport linked to places like Colorado Springs, Dulce, and Los Alamos via a network of underground “tube-shuttles.” The map identifies circles as subterranean bases that some people call DUMBs – Photo Credit: The DIA Conspiracy Files […]

  5. Is Military Equipment Being Shipped To A Closed Walmart In Texas Connected To Jade Helm 15? [Photos] | Sheep Media

    […] Map of underground tunnels connects Denver International Airport to other sinister sites […]

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