DIA on list of international haunted places

Haunted PlacesIn 2000, paranormal researcher Dennis William Hauck put Denver International Airport on his list of eerie spots around the world in his book “The International Directory of Haunted Places.”  By this time, people had long been reporting strange encounters with ghosts and other parnormal activity at Denver’s airport.

Here’s what Hauck said:

Denver International Airport: This high-tech showplace was a humbling experience for many engineers. Over a year late opening owing to techincal problems, the new Denver airport was built on land considered sacred by Native Americans. This was confirmed by experts in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placing human structures in harmony with nature. When they surveyed the airport, they said the site was “full of images of death and grief.” In spring 1995, Colorado Indians held a ceremony to put their ancestors’ spirits to rest.

Read more about Indian burial grounds at DIA.

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