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DIA paying big bucks to scare away birds.

Denver International Airport is so huge that it has the highest rate of wildlife hitting  planes. The airport plans to spend nearly $350,000 on wildlife mitigation in the next year, reports the Denver Post. Four full-time biologists will spend their days wandering around the 52 miles surrounding the airport, launching pyrotechnic shots at birds. Lethal […]

More murals by Leo Tanguma

More murals by Leo Tanguma

Leo Tanguma is the man behind the two murals in the “Great Hall” terminal at DIA, “The Children of the World Dream of Peace” and “In Peace and Harmony with Nature.” Both the murals are split into two large panels, one set at 12ft x15ft, the other set at 12ft x 28ft, that span entire […]

Documentary “2012 The Odyssey” connects DIA to the end of the world

[youtube=] Here’s an interesting clip. It comes from 2012 The Odyssey, a documentary that explores the ancient Mayan calender prophecy that a world-shattering event would occur in the year 2012. The 2007 film by Jay Weidner and Sharron Rose looks at how the Masonic membership of the founding fathers and esoteric monuments  like the Georgia […]

A model of the new hotel to be built at DIA

DIA to build 500 room luxury hotel next to main terminal

Plans were announced last year to build a 14-story, 500-room Westin Hotel at DIA with meeting and conference space, restaurants, a health club, a swimming pool and a parking garage. It was something that DIA’s planners originally envisioned for the airport. But after the economy went bad, the project was downgraded to 250-rooms. Not anymore. […]

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